Fly Bike is a full-featured web and mobile software application incorporating the latest rideshare IoT technologies to provide safe and affordable transportation to the public and school campuses

What CT Software Solutions Did:

Backend & Cross-Platform App Development

We built a native-looking app by utilizing React Native that allows the platform to be used on IOS, Android, and Windows devices. Using Node JS, we developed a robust backend that enables the platform to handle complex calculations and configurations of the IoT-connected scooters.

Tracking & Location Services

In order to enable the user to easily find the closest IoT connected scooter to them on their phone, our team had to implement custom geolocation services to make sure that the latitude and longitude of the scooter and the user are being reported and stored accurately in real-time so that the required data can instantly be retrieved and tracked in the permitted area.

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Web Application

Our team implemented a user-friendly and easy-to-manage dashboard by which the company is able to deploy and monitor IoT-connected scooters, manage payments, and onboard staff members to maintain their current fleet.