Everything you would expect and more. Koupah alleviates the stress and complexity of managing multiple platforms by providing a 360 degrees solution. Koupah preserves the key essentials found in any legacy point of sales platform and surprises you with specials that make the experience with Koupah quick, simple and personal.


What CT Software Solutions Did:

Full Stack Development

Our team utilized Java and .NET to develop the Android app and the backend. Features include loyalty cards, coupons, payment details and customer information that can be loaded in a single tap or scan, making the checkout process quick, simple and personal. 


Custom POS Software Development

Features such as modifiers, lookup, split check, menus, categories and much more are implemented in the platform.

legacy-img (1).png

In-App Ordering

Users can place orders directly through the Koupah Mobile User App and get rewarded on their punch card as if they were in the store. Simply integrated – mobile in-app orders come directly into the Koupah and are treated like any other order.



Koupah allows customers to contribute by taking pictures, tweeting and posting and it all gets added to Koupah or Koupah Mobile User App.