Positive Proximity



Positive Proximity provides Meeting Planners & Event Organizers with leading-edge check-in, session tracking & lead retrieval solutions, as well as hardware rental and on-site setup & support. Whether you need just badge printing and registration hardware, or a complete solution with RFID session tracking with real-time reporting, Positive Proximity can do it all.

What CT Software Solutions Did:

Backend & Native App Development

We helped the in-house team in building a Native Android app using Java to give users the ability to take advantage of Android's built-in features. Along with the native app, we assisted in developing a custom complex backend in PHP to manage the RFID session tracking with real-time data.

Real-Time Data

Assisted the in-house team in the implementation of processing and analyzing each attendee's location data powered by Positive Proximity's IntelliTrak® Active Check-in & Location Monitoring Technology.


Live room occupancy views, room capacity threshold monitoring, and detailed event attendee paths are just some of the amazing reporting features we helped the development team with. 

Web-Based Management Tools

Helped developing features such as online event registration, roster management tools, name badge printing tools, built-in eticket integration, and CEU/credit management.

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